When the tooth is so damaged it cannot be fixed with a filling any more, or when the root had been previously treated and there is a part of the tooth crown missing, it is necessary to protect the tooth with a dental crown. The crown will restore the function and aesthetic appearance of the tooth, and simultaneously provide optimal protection. If several teeth in a row had been lost, and the surrounding teeth can bear the load, we fit in a dental bridge. Nowadays, with the latest CAD/CAM technology we can quickly and precisely make dental crowns or bridges from any material. The CAD/CAM technology itself is based on an impression, model or trimmed tooth scan. With the help of computer design, individual crowns, long term temporary crowns and bridges, as well as ceramic fillings can be made within 2-4 hours. Crowns and bridges can be well fitted on the patient’s trimmed teeth or fitted implants in terms of functionality and aesthetics. ANDI-DENT has the latest CAD/CAM technology.